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Inition & NuMedia Technology Launch 3D ‘StereoBrain’

By February 20, 2009Newswires

From the Broadcast Video Expo 2009, Earl`s Court, London, comes the news that Inition has launched` StereoBrain` Processor (SB-1), a new 3D HD video processing unit developed for use in stereoscopic 3D production and broadcast. This handily sized hardware input and output box essentially allows the live viewing of stereoscopic camera`s in a paired formation or other 3-D video source on any current breed of 3-D television thus facilitating "LIVE 3-D MONITORING" or 3-D viewing in postproduction environment from any pair of HD-SDI sources.

Much more technical information including the version 2 and 3 models already scheduled for Q2 2009 release and details of NuMedia Technology involvement can be found [url=]here[/url:3cy8zfqz].

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