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3D4YOU Euro consort Hi-Def promo Video in coop with BBC etc

By February 19, 2009Newswires

[size=85:3th4dqs6]Seventh Framework Programme (2007-2013) logo, notice the closing date?[/size:3th4dqs6]

I came across this promotional video whilst on my travels for all things S3-D. It shows the direction that this European consortium (3D4YOU) with the BBC and other European broadcasters is going to make 3-D happen in 2009. its purpose is to define the guidelines for 3-D content creation and processing for delivery to the home user`s 3-D television system of choice, here in the European community at least. Here`s a brief quote from their mission statement

"The cinema and computer games industries have already shown that there is considerable public demand for 3D content, but special glasses are needed which limits their appeal. 3D4YOU will address the consumer market which coexists with digital cinema and computer games. The 3D4YOU project aims to pave the way for the introduction a 3D TV system."

To say this is Demo video is high definition is an understatement, it`s a short piece but it illustrates the production process needed to acquire 3-D material for broadcasting. It opens in a web page so and make sure that you`ve got QuickTime installed and updated to the latest version.

Read their mission statement in full [url=]here[/url:3th4dqs6].
See the high-definition video demo promo [url=]here[/url:3th4dqs6].

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