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Nikon Fabre Photo EX DSLR/compact-based S-3D microscope

By February 16, 2009March 24th, 2020Newswires

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Do you have the need for a microscope that is capable of S-3D? Do you own Nikon DX or FX Format DSLR or Coolpix compact? If so I`ve got the perfect solution for digital capture that marries these two required functions into one. Introducing the Nikon’s Fabre Photo EX, a battery operated (two AA) microscope and stand you attach to your various compatible Nikon cameras including the compact Coolpix with the right adapter.

This is the upgrade to the Fabre Photo but now we have the, " max magnification based on sensor size and crop factor — FX backs will yield 20x zoom, while a DX back will let you keep tabs on your favorite c. elegans at 45x. Various attachments can boost that up to 66x". It also boasts improved chassis fitting and rigidity and the optics have been improved to enhance image quality.

It`s yours for the low price of ¥108,150 (~$1,200) at the end of the month via Japan initially but I`m sure you can find a Japanese importer to help you with that problem, unless you`re blessed with a Japanese relative.

PS. Sorr!y, for some strange reason the URL link below isn`t working!


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