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funniest 3-D post all day……………..

By February 14, 2009Newswires

………… and it came from, [url=]F*** My Life[/url:2r3hm9yy], and I quote:

"Today, I went to a movie with my boyfriend. In the lobby, I asked why the glasses were not working. I said, "Do they only work inside the theater?" My boyfriend replied, "3-D glasses just work inside the movie, everything else in the World is pretty much 3-D." FML
#29434 (18) – 02/12/2009 at 1:00am by Noname – misc – I agree, your life is f***ed (538) – you deserved that one (13307)"

Easy mistake to make by the girlfriend, polarised specs do look like sunglasses to the untrained eye, but still very funny, especially on a Friday. However is the boyfriend being ironic , "pretty much everything", or too clever by half, I`m still making my mind up? :lol:

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