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Sky says: UK 3-D television by 2010 depending on …..

By February 9, 2009March 24th, 2020Newswires

…..customer demand and results of a current trials which are also dependent on enough content being available. The magic year of 2012, the year of the UK Olympics, seems to be the real implied target date that sky are working towards as, “Jeremy Darroch, chief executive, said that the company wanted 30 per cent of its customers to sign up for high definition, adding it was “not unreasonable” to assume that three million would sign up to the technology by the time of the London Olympic Games in 2012.”

There seems to be a compelling argument corroborating these customers figures being attainable in the ‘Times Online’ article dated 29th Jan 2009. As we’ve mentioned here at MTBS3D forums Sky mentions in this article that Panasonic and other manufacturers are close to releasing 3-D sets which are not preliminary of the more expensive auto-stereoscopic non-3-D glasses type but are of the 3D glasses required high def polarised type we all know and hope will become mainstream and eventually be available without the manufacturers attached premium as this article mentions. Sky’s trial last year (which were mentioned [url=]here[/url:2hzsy9jx]), used on imported Hyundai TV priced at about £2200 a sky mentioned that they hope that only a small premium would be put on by the manufacturers above the standard £325 high def sets available in the UK presently.

I’m not sure about the last optimistic price prediction by sky on the price of high definition TV availability in a country (the UK) that doesn’t even have a well-established base for the current gen 3-D and non-3-D DLP’s/projectors never mind polarised high def 3-D capable TVs’’ starting at a affordable £325! However , on a more positive note, a 3D content price structure was hinted at in a inclusive 3-D and the current HD Content £9.75 a month charge. Which means no premium will be added for the 3-D content to begin with on top of the HD content monthly price. £9.75 is however normally on top of a minimum monthly rental price of about £30 a month which competitively includes phone line rental and home broadband Internet. Here’s hoping that sky continue to be positive about 3-D and possibly force the other big player virgin media to start showing their hand soon also.

Full Times online article [url=]here.[/url:2hzsy9jx]

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