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Panasonic 3D HD BRay Home Cinema James Cameron endorsed vide

By February 3, 2009March 24th, 2020Newswires

Available on YouTube HD & taken from the Panasonic presentation at CES 2009,this video has a live appearance from James Cameron`s production partner Jon Landau (of Titanic fame) and also the up-and-coming 3-D spectacular “Avatar” which is currently in production and slated for a December 2009 release.

At one stage I’m sure I saw Neil stand up and ask a question, am I right Neil? Anyway the good quality video goes on for 6:12 minutes with the video appearance from James Cameron kicking in about 1:08 minutes andhis endorsement of Panasonic`s HD Blu-ray 3D home cinema displays and film production high-definition 3D camera`s lasts for a good 1:30 minutes, a good quarter of the whole video.

My interest was particularly peaked with the fact that Jon Landau, having had a sneak preview of Panasonic’s 3-D HD Blu-ray displays for the 2010 consumer market release, was quite excited at the prospect of having the film Titanic remastered for 3-D home consumption. he had no qualms in extolling the outstanding quality of the Panasonic home cinema 1080p 3-D display tech. Kind of makes you want to wait for this tech to come out and to see some of the reviews before you commit to buy your next 3-D display?

Enjoy the YouTube HD video [url=]here.[/url:a3za3an5]

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