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Tips On Viewing Superbowl XLIII In HD & S-3D

By January 27, 2009March 24th, 2020Newswires

By following the instructions in the 3D section below, you’ll be able to get a free pair of ColorCode 3-D (blue & amber, Power Anaglyph) Glasses to view the bridesmaids in 3D while waiting for Superbowl XLIII. (photo courtesy of ColorCode 3-D)

`Plan on watching the Superbowl in HDTV? Now is the time to get prepared. [url=]Here’s[/url:1wboyze8] what you need to know.` Of course were also in need of our S-3D free ColorCode 3-D Glasses & this article by HD has the skinny on the were & when to locate them.

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