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AnandTech GeForce 3D Vision review, games ratings?

By January 14, 2009Newswires

You can’t have too many reviews in my opinion and in the light of this MTBS discussion [url=]“ Geforce 3D Vision Supports SLI! “[/url:1txhtw3s]by pixel67 I thought I would post this review again but this time with its own topic heading instead of it being linked in another topic.

The main reason for including this topic is that it deals more specifically with the NVIDIA 3-D games compatibility ratings on their 3-D vision system with the 350 or so 3-D compatible tested games new and old. In fact it questions the whole rating system with regard to its generosity of compatibility with its space‘ excellent, good, fair and not recommended headings, so it’s well worth a read for this section alone if you’re thinking of are advising somebody you know on whether to buy it or not.

Any review articles that`s got time for Magic 3-D pictures got my vote :-). You know the drill, focus – Cross eyed to see the hidden image :!:

This quote I think sums up where the software side of S3-D needs to go with developers before it becomes mainstream, “What we really need, rather than a proprietary solution, is something like stereoscopic support built in to DirectX and OpenGL that developers can tap into very easily. Relying on NVIDIA to discern the proper information and then handle rendering images for both eyes off of one scene is great as a stop gap, just like CUDA was a good interim solution before we had OpenCL. We need the API to be able to handle knowing if there is stereo hardware present and making it easy to generate images for both eyes while duplicating as little work as possible. Giving developers simple tools to make stereo effects cooler and more real or to embed hits about convergence and separation would be great as well.”

Now there’s no arguing against that, certainly game set and match in my vision of a 3-D gaming heaven‘s future.

Full Review article URL [url=]here[/url:1txhtw3s]

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