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Hardcore game journos `quality time` review Nvidia 3DVision

By January 12, 2009Newswires

Entitled "Nvidia GeForce 3DVision & How 3D Works" this is a real in-depth eight-page review from the boys at of NVIDIA`s new GeForce 3DVision s3-D system put through its paces over a reasonable amount of time and against a very significant number of old and new software titles.

"Believe it or not, that`s a game of Left 4 Dead right there"

What now seems to be the obligatory introduction with all subjects dealing with 3D we get a brief history of the anaglyph to polarised spectacles incarnation from the 1930s to 80s previous attempts of mass marketing 3-D that we all know and love. A necessary evil me thinks to prepare the reader of this article for the new improved S3-D solutions to be offered. Actually there is a picture of a pair of Ray-Ban shaped anaglyph glasses I wouldn`t mind owning today.

"Are old 3D glasses like this about to come back into fashion? No."

After talking about the cost prohibitive nature of projection based polarised systems they get onto the up-to-date methods of Zalman TFT like displays and the problem of converting two-dimensional image (multimedia) content into a convincing 3-D playback media and the benefits of expensive IMAX film cameras that do the job well. Also the included is section, "Stereoscopy and How it Works" definitely seen necessary for this article to work and help all general gamers to understand the difference between the 3-D and S3-D terminology. This basis gives the article an excellent footing for giving the benefits of why S3D is so well-suited to gaming due to its easier manipulation via post processing effects like the already included software developers parameters of the obligatory Z buffering technology for most modern 3-D games.

"A standard 60Hz screen isn`t going to work for 3DVision – you`ll need a fancy 120Hz model, like this Samsung 2233RZ"

14 older and newer games titles were then tried with the NVIDIA 3-D vision system and the Samsung 2233RZ 100 Hz monitor with the NVIDIA hardware and software given a proper going over in a not short period of time (unlike the Toms hardware rushed review from a time perspective). This makes this [url=]article[/url:jwqn9kp0]a worthy read with the conclusions sounding very plausible from a general and hard-core gamers (not forgetting the scientific and research users) point of view.

"Even older games like Psychonauts benefit from 3DVision"

"Nvidia has pledged to provide all major upcoming titles with some level of 3DVision compatibility"

Article: … n-review/1

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