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Tom’s Hardware compares iZ3D against Nvidia 3D System @ CES

By January 10, 2009March 24th, 2020Newswires

It was bound to happen sooner rather than later so now, fresh from the CES hall excitement, was as good a time as any for both 22” inch monitors & their opposing tech solutions to stereoscopic 3D viewing slugging it out in the 3D ring. But was it a fair fight? Well that would be telling but in my opinion……………See for yourself [url=,6783.html#xtor=RSS-181:2k9t5xvb]here[/url:2k9t5xvb].

The iZ3D spokesperson sets the record straight as regards AMD supposed driver collaboration with iZ3D as well as Nvidia Vs AMD / iZ3D so it’s also worth a read for the skinny on those issue’s too. I like the Tom’s Hardware title for this piece, “CES ’09: The Real Stereoscopic Story”, well it got my attention at 1.48 am UK time anyway, but then again insomnia is a side effect of my health woes so I was up anyway! Enjoy.

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