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Panasonic 3DHD 103” Plasma Gizmodo demo CES 2009

By January 9, 2009March 24th, 2020Newswires

SHOCKING COLOURED SHUTTER GLASSES [the 103" inch Plasma TV was too big to fit on the page :) ]!

[url=]Here’s[/url:1ef6235w] a piece regarding the shutter glasses, Plasma 120Hz HD & Blu-ray demo as reported by a tech savvy reporter. It’s worth a read because he seems to be saying that although the demo was impressive but he still had doubts about shutter glasses future in 3D, interesting with the $300 Nvidia 3d Vision shutter glasses based system launch announcement at CES?

Here is a quote, "So how`s it look? Good. It is sharp, I`ll give Panasonic that. 60fps per eye means that the 3D image isn`t created through some cheap interlacing effect that would kill the resolution. Watching highlights of the Beijing Olympics opening ceremonies (captured on dual lens 3D cameras), I was really impressed……..But I never really felt connected to the image. I blame the shutter glasses. There`s something imperceptibly distancing about that technology to me—which was only exacerbated by a greasy smear on one of the lenses. It was work to watch these short clips."

If he’s right then Panasonic`s launch date of 2010 seems a safe bet to wait & see how the other TV Manu’s & Nvidia fair over the next year or so.

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