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2009 – 3D year, Sony boss wears s3D Specs, must be true!

By January 9, 2009Newswires

Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer + Tom Hank CES 2009 Keynote via Engaget

"3D glasses, "unlike any other prototype before. They let you watch a movie while walking around. "Tom why don`t you try?" "Oh look, they`re so cool and hip…They`re going to get even better than they are now? I`ll be checking the Fedex." "Will you take the hold off my paycheck for Angels and Demons now?"

As this was a live feed from the Keynote details are light but I thought you would like to see images & attendees take on the Sony 3D revelution this year. [url=]here[/url:1yp58xix]

“Here we go; 3D announcement. We`re supposed to put on 3D glasses now. 3D Cars clip in Tokyo drag race. Gran Turismo in 3D. 3D footage from Virginia Tech at Orange Bowl.”

"Dreamworks Animation CEO Katezenberg up to talk about 3D. Two revolutionary events in the history of cinema: The arrival of sound, then the arrival of color. He thinks 3D will be the third. (How conveniently poetic.) "It`s not your father`s 3D." It`s 3D that uses polarized lenses and dual projectors (so you do still need glasses, even though Sony insists that they`re different `cause they is state of the art and less dumb looking, from Ray Ban.) Showing 3D clip of CGI flick Monsters and Aliens, with a giant robot fighting a giant girl and some monsters—pretty cool."

More details as the Sony pressroom release it.

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