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3droundup’s Samsung 3D-Ready Plasma V’s DLP Ghosting test

By January 3, 2009Newswires

Wow, who knew schooling continued on the weekend. Continuing our education theme from this reviews website is another succinct [url=]article here[/url:cf83r22q] but this time it’s for all you members who I’ve been tempted to dip your toes into the plasma 3-D TV murky waters with the well priced Samsung model. I like the fact that there is a same brand manufacturer versus scenario here, comparing plasma against DLP, making I think it as fair as possible. I for one have struggled to compare the different technologies in long-winded reviews from different websites so this was a pleasant change.

Did anybody go for the Circuit City 42 inch Samsung and Xbox 360 bundle at an amazing $799? Once again this article touches on the rumoured XBOX 360 3D movie player and download service in the light of the Circuit City promotion.

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