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Walt Disney`s 1st G-Force 3D movie Trailer

By January 2, 2009Newswires

This is Jerry Bruckheimer first foray into 3D and the prolific producer of the "CSI’s", National Treasure: , Pirates of the Caribbean, Bad Boys series , as well as Black Hawk Down , Top Gun & countless others hasn’t been afraid to show his lighter side in the past (remember Kangaroo Jack (2003) LOL, so maybe this wont suck. If the trailer [url=]here[/url:zt119ei9] is anything to go by it should be fun for the whole family. Stars doing the voice over’s for these covert government trained animals to work in espionage include Nick Cage & Penélope Cruz no less.
I wonder if his 2010 movie version of the successful video game series "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time." will be in 3D?

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