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3 new prototype displays from IZ3D @ CES

By December 26, 2008Newswires

Looks like iZ3D isn`t resting on its laurels after reducing the price of the 22 inch monitor. It`s bringing some innovative prototypes to CES 2009 according to Thomas Striegler, CEO of iZ3D LLC. He stated that "Introducing three cutting-edge 3D prototypes at CES is once again proving iZ3D is the defacto industry leader in 3D solutions," we won`t argue with that.

We are already had the 26" iZ3D Prototype mentioning here in the "user contributed" section so that`s no surprise but the other two prototypes are a 22" Widescreen Console Game Compatible Prototype – Now play many popular Xbox , PS3 and Wii games in 3D on the new iZ3D 22-inch game compatible monitor.
And the "iZ3D Immersion Series that gives users an incredible total 3D effect. It is a Triple iZ3D monitor setup with a flight or racing game simulator that really puts players in the experience!"

They also propose to show their retail displays including a Far Cry 2 themed, custom painted iZ3D monitor and matching system from Intel. Looks like it`s all good from iZ3D @ CES 2009, for all those attending don`t forget to take your digital cameras. :D

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