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NFL Stereo3D near-instant post-produce achieved via Pablo

By December 26, 2008March 24th, 2020Newswires

"U2 3D" largely relies on the music to captivate the viewer. (3ality Digital)

If you were fortunate enough to be at the live Stereo 3D broadcast of the Oakland Raiders vs San Diego Chargers NFL game you were witnessed to the future of process collaboration between 3ality Digital`s SIP2100 and Quantel`s Pablo systems. This collaboration meant that the "3D graphic inserts for playback at sponsor venues during the live 3D broadcast", went smooth as silk. These "inserts came from a variety of sources and were background loaded, edited, color corrected and finished on a tight deadline on Pablo systems belonging to PlasterCITY Digital Post and 3ality Digital, with SIP2100s being used in the edit suites for all aspects of stereoscopic image analysis, especially in handing off` the process of smoothly adjusting z-space across edits."

The Quantel Pablo with 3-D Stereoscopic Editing capabilities

The Quantel Pablo 3-D interdace with Ghost of the Abyss under the 3-D knife

As stated in the article here [url:83q8e7yw][/url:83q8e7yw] this was a glimpse into the future of stereophonic broadcast postproduction. So watch this space as more NFL matches go out in S3-D With the seamless cooperation of these two innovative players who are answering the question can stereophonic broadcasting feasibly go live today and "cut the mustard" with a resounding yes!

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