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"My Bloody Valentine 3D" UGO movie blog exclusive trailer

By December 23, 2008Newswires

This trailer seems to be a homage to the audience experiencing the film in s3-D rather than the film being in s3-D. This is how 3-D trailers should be done and I for one am really looking forward to this film as is the reviewer on this website. Can`t wait to CES 2009, wait what I mean to say is I can`t wait for 2009 period, looks like it will be a great year for films in 3-D and hopefully also for new (affordable) hardware in our homes for S3-D viewing.

Watch the censored (sorry no blood) video here, oh and by the way "Friday the 13th" is also scheduled to 3-D cinema release, but you knew that, right!: … d_trailer/

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