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MINI 3D Augmented German magazines Car Ad

By December 17, 2008Newswires

Im not sure where to put this type of 3D news story but here goes. metaio (apparently lowercase) 3-D augmented reality technology was seen as the best vehicle by Munich-based agencies Buzzin Monkey and die agentour GmbH to collaborate on this campaign.

So on 28 November 2008 three German magazines: Auto, Motor und Sport, Werben & Verkaufen and Autobild printed the page above which the user can then place in view of their web cam, go to the relevant URL, install a Windows only plug-in and have a real time live interactable 3-D representation of the said car appear on their monitor. Neat :-)

Creative making-of YouTube video here (sadly not high-definition version):

Check out the full story here: … _aid=96735

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