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DTI signs Wells-Gardner to license and supply 3D Gaming tec

By December 15, 2008Newswires

Since 1986, Dimension Technologies Inc. Has manufacturered off the shelf and custom built autostereoscopic (3D without glasses) computer and video displays which the government, commercial, education and research applications used extensively. The lottery, amusement and casino signage markets were also part of this five-year agreement.

Robert Lube, Wells-Gardner`s Vice President of Engineering said: "We are very excited about the 3D technology we are licensing. DTI`s 3D technology has been designed specifically for the gaming market and incorporates a patented 2D/3D switch which allows game play in 2D, which is much more user friendly, eliminating eye strain. Possibilities are endless in the game play and game attract mode."

Roll on 2009 :-)
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