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Feb 09, first ever Live 3D sporting event at 160 US screen!

By December 14, 2008Newswires

SENSIO® 3D tech will be used to broadcast theTurner Sports` event with the aid of Cinedigm Digital Cinema Corp ("Cinedigm". CineLiveTM data over IP technology facilitates the broadcast of 2-D and 3-D live events that are designed to work with the Cinedigm`s satellite network and digital cinema systems equipped with 3D technology.

Sensio 3D Processor
Robert Silva

SuperFlex technology, at the heart of CineLiveTM, uses the DVB-S2 broadband tech in a unique way to use half the transmission bandwidth compared to other technologies without sacrificing the image`s resolution. Apparently the technology is so stable that it doesn`t suffer from the legacy problems of eyestrain and visual disorientation, hopefully one of our forum US member can confirm that at the public viewing (as opposed to the private tests we reported on in this News feed a week or so ago). You guys don`t know how lucky you are.

Read more here [url:n1x74pj6][/url:n1x74pj6] and see what the SENSIO President and CEO, Nicholas Routhier had to say about the "chicken and the egg" scenario that made this ongoing venture possible.

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