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Retrospective: Beowolf 3 way tech review, which was best?

By December 6, 2008March 24th, 2020Newswires

I don`t suppose any us were lucky enough to see Beowolf in IMax 3D, Real D & Dolby 3D. That`s why I was pleasantly surprised by this retrospective review from Stephen Shankland at This lucky journo got to endure / enjoy 3 sessions of this movies weak storyline but he even had to admit it was a groundbreaking movie from a national release & revenue perspective. He does a jolly good job of explaining the three 3D techno`s impact on his viewing experience especially from a non 3D enthusiast but knowledgably point of view. Also what is his view of the future of the 3D movie going experience? Well worth a belated read for MTBS members.


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