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Very early doors : Concept Art "Piranha 3D" Movie

By December 6, 2008March 24th, 2020Newswires

OK, i know we`re getting a little ahead of ourselves, it isn`t even in preproduction yet but if you`re like myself a horror movie fan you`ll be in fevered anticipation of the next movie from director Alex Aja. Alex who, you may ask, this French director is better known for his remake of the "the Hills have eyes", and also a film that starred Kiefer Sutherland "Mirrors" 2008.

Anyway the thought of a water-based horror movie in 3-D must have used salivating like myself, can`t wait.

PS, don`t bother going to the link, nothing more to see as I have included the only artwork shot, 3-D news is slow today. :o

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