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Adobe 3D camera tech for post processing of images

By December 4, 2008Newswires

Adobe`s Dave Story shows a multi-view camera lens for taking 3D pictures.

Imagine if your computer knew the [space-shel, how’s that word spelt?] 3D depth of the digi image you had taken & you were then able to use this info to say erase distracting obstacles in the image from say the foreground. or let’s say you wanted to add specific depth-of-field effects like soft background effects precisely without the aid of Photoshop like software.

This is the tech Adobe Systems showed recently in their news conference. I remember at the time reading about it & thinking that would be one smart camera. As you can see in the above image it works on the “insect`s compound eye, transmits several smaller images to the camera. The result is a photograph with multiple sub-views, each taken from a slightly different vantage point at exactly the same time.”

Story adds focus to some elements of a photo.

Article: … 7-1_3-0-20

The article goes into further techno depth & I know it will appeal to the MTBS3D members.

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