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"Alone in the Dark", Darkworks to use Trioviz 3D Game Tech

By December 1, 2008Newswires

DreamWorks is currently working on "I Am Alive", an action and survival game PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC, scheduled for a spring 2009 release and to be published by Ubisoft. So it seems that there content is meant for not only PC but I think more importantly game consoles so it is possible , for mass penetration , with a pair of Trioviz glasses minus any other special equipment will experience the "fully 3D interactive experiences"at hopefully none prohibitive cost.

They (Trioviz aren`t, French words hard to pronounce) also claim that their non-anaglyph technology differs from existing competing tech by providing sharp images without any "ghosting," discomfort, fatigue, eye strain, or headaches!

Its partnership with DreamWorks will also provide a working Software Development Kit SDK that will give other studios access to the technology with a plan to have it ported to consoles so it`s available to major game developers and their game engines.

Here`s a snippet of what DreamWorks had to say: "This technology allows us to provide an incredible 3D gaming experience on existing CRT, Plasma and LCD TVs," says Darkworks product development manager Alexis Arragon. "Were excited about the possibilities and opportunities that this will open up for us as game developers for consumers to enjoy. Full 3D gaming is the next revolution in video games. Consumers will be amazed at the depth of experience that we can provide with this technology."

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