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Meant to be Seen UPGRADED!

By March 16, 2010April 4th, 2020News

Meant to be Seen is very proud of the work we have done here.  Readers can benefit from several S-3D game reviews, countless news stories, and great interviews with industry leaders.  More than that, our members have been top contributors to the website and industry alike.


Unfortunately, while MTBS’ traffic has doubled year over year from word of mouth alone, has been largely invisible to search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more.  Our presence was felt thanks to regular press releases, but the ability for search engines to properly explore MTBS was largely hampered.  This has been a very big disadvantage for us, even compared to the smallest of blogs.

Even when people would visit MTBS, it was a challenge because articles were hard to find.  The frame that the site was based on made it difficult to cross-link articles too.  In summary, MTBS’ effectiveness was literally being crushed under its own growth.

Thankfully, we have been working very hard with a talented web designer named Vadim Krivosheev.  He has spent countless hours converting the original MTBS into what you see here today.  Here are just some of the leading improvements:

1. No more frame!  You can cross-link articles now.
2. Website is indexed!  You can search for keywords.
3. The website’s comments engine is directly linked to our forums!  Much more convenient.
4. Your PHPBB and MTBS registration are one and the same.

This is still a beta test.  Some bugs we know about include:

1. The forum still needs some cleaning up.
2. The comments articles in the forum may be doubled.  This will stop as the site matures and new content replaces the old content.
3. PHPBB needs to be fixed still.  Smilies and embedded YouTube content still don’t work.

This is just the beginning!  Please share your thoughts by commenting below.

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