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CeBIT 2010, FMX 2010 Updates

By March 3, 2010April 4th, 2020News

CeBIT has had a series of leading manufacturers showing some innovative stereoscopic 3D products in Germany, and Aiptek earned some headline space for demonstrating one of the most inexpensive S-3D cameras around.

While the summary video is great, the separation shown on the JVC TV is out of whack for sure (not the fault of the camera!).

Our good friend Anton Belev at 3dvision-blog has been doing a great summary of the show from different online sources. You should check it out!

FMX/09: iZ3D (left), Console S-3D (middle), NVIDIA (right)

Speaking of Germany, MTBS and S3DGA are very proud to announce that we will be media partners for the upcoming FMX 2010! In addition to speaking at the event, we are working to develop an updated 3D gaming showcase like we did last year. We want game developers to be very excited about this stuff!

Finally, MTBS is going through some maintenance updates. If you have any problems with the site, or it behaves strangely, let us know.

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