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Prime Time in Ottawa Video, S-3D Gaming Exhibit!

By February 26, 2010April 4th, 2020News

More pictures and stories from Prime Time in Ottawa!

Left to Right: Konrad von Finckenstein, CRTC Chairman
Neil Schneider, S3DGA Executive Director,
Louise Poirier, CRTC Commissioner
Robert Morin, CRTC Secretary General

Find out what the CRTC and S-3D gaming have in common with our first summary from the conference! Be sure to share your thoughts.

Part three from the 3D panel is online as well. This segment talks about the new technologies coming to market.

Panelists included:

Munro Ferguson, Project Manager, StereoLab National Film Board of Canada
Neil Schneider, Executive Director, The S-3D Gaming Alliance
James Stewart, President, Geneva Film Co.
Michael Williams, Sales Manager, Professional Division, XpanD Cinema
Kevin Wright, Senior Vice President, Programming, Astral Television Networks

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