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CFTPA Panel (Part I), Vic-20 Tweets!

By February 22, 2010April 4th, 2020News

We are expecting a week full of videos and pictures.

This is the first part of the 3D panel which took place at the CFTPA’s Prime Time in Ottawa event. S3DGA was honoured to be an invited speaker:

Panelists included:

Munro Ferguson, Project Manager, StereoLab National Film Board of Canada
Neil Schneider, Executive Director, The S-3D Gaming Alliance
James Stewart, President, Geneva Film Co.
Michael Williams, Sales Manager, Professional Division, XpanD Cinema
Kevin Wright, Senior Vice President, Programming, Astral Television Networks

We would also like to congratulate Syd Bolton, Curator of the Personal Computer Museum, and interim President of the S-3D Gaming Alliance. Syd achieved the unthinkable! Through specially written software, Syd managed to get the Commodore Vic-20 to tweet on Twitter!

It’s quite something when you consider that the Vic-20 is powered by a CPU running at less than one megahertz, and has a whopping 3.5 kilobytes of memory available for programming space.

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