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MTBS-TV: S-3D Gaming History, Part III

By February 15, 2010April 4th, 2020News

MTBS-TV is pleased to present part three of our series about the history of stereoscopic 3D gaming:

Visit the original YouTube link to get all the available S-3D viewing options.

For those tuning in for the first time, part one gave a detailed outline of S-3D gaming’s early beginnings and who our leading pioneers were. Part two talked about the year 2008, what many consider to be our industry’s most controversial year. 2008 also marked NVIDIA’s most challenged year in stereoscopic 3D gaming.

This segment focuses on NVIDIA’s rebirth with their GeForce 3D Vision solution, their new marketing strategy, and what the ramifications are for the industry at large. Be sure to share your thoughts in our discussion forums!

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