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MTBS-TV: Interview With ExploreWorldTV, S-3D Light Level Experiment

By January 21, 2010April 4th, 2020News

Did we say “last interview” from CES 2010? BIG MISTAKE! We meant “SECOND to last interview”.

This FINAL interview from CES 2010 is with Al Caudullo, Executive Producer at ExploreWorldTV. Al shares details about the stereo camera rig he used at CES 2010. VERY COOL! Be sure to share your thoughts in our discussion forums.

We’d also like to draw attention to some experiments being done by our friend Anton Belev at Anton has ingeniously been using a light meter to see just how much light loss there is from solution to solution (shutter glasses, polarized, etc.).

Anton’s technique may have some caveats because it may be erroneous with super-bright 3D modes of special 120Hz displays, or the light level during the open shutter versus closed shutter phase of LCD shutter glasses. Regardless, it’s ingenious.

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