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MTBS-TV: Sensio at CES, Ubisoft Financial Update

By January 13, 2010April 4th, 2020News

Another interview to share today!

This CES 2010 interview features Richard Laberge, Executive Vice President and Co-Founder of Sensio. Richard gives a primer on what Sensio does, explains how their technology is implemented in stereoscopic 3D gaming, and outlines their latest product lines and partnerships. Very interesting! Share your thoughts in our discussion forums!

We also received word from Ubisoft that it has been a tough quarter for them because, among several other reasons, Avatar: The Game did not perform as well as expected. In MTBS’ opinion, the game’s sales challenges had nothing to do with its implementation of stereoscopic 3D technology. In fact, it’s their S-3D support that earned Avatar’s highest marks among leading critics. With a “3D CES” just behind us, Ubisoft was months ahead of the curve. We are confident they will surpass their investment with their enhanced FarCry 2 game engine. With countless display manufacturers hungry for content, and fellow game developers getting wind of a great opportunity, Ubisoft’s S-3D windfall is imminent – we are sure of it.

More details can be found in our newswire.

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