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Next3D, Vizio, ESPN, Magnetic 3D Announcements!

By January 5, 2010April 4th, 2020News

MTBS is in Las Vegas, and before the CES doors have opened for the first time, we already have our work cut out for us!

Check out our newswire for the latest un-embellished press releases and announcements as they relate to stereoscopic 3D gaming, and entertainment where appropriate.

So far, here are some top stories worth paying close attention to:

  • Next3D, an S3DGA member, has announced their collaborative partnership with Turner Broadcasting System Inc., and the availability of their S-3D movie distribution service in the first quarter of 2010. In addition to being able to play content on PC and Mac, they also offer S-3D downloads for Sony PS3 and Microsoft XBOX.
  • Vizio has announced their new series of XVT Pro S-3D televisions featuring 480Hz LED technology. Details are still sketchy, so we will learn more. These are HDMI 1.3 units, and they have also announced an angreement to implement the Sensio format decoder.
  • ESPN is launching their own 3D TV Network in June complete with a minimum 85 live S-3D sporting events in its first year.
  • Magnetic 3D has announced a new series of auto-stereoscopic 3D monitors.

    We still maintain the position that the biggest story with all its ramifications has yet to be revealed. Keep an eye open for an S3DGA press release too!

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