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Avatar CBC Newsworld Video Online, Cameron Interview!

By December 12, 2009April 4th, 2020News

Excellent news!

Neil Schneider, CEO of MTBS, interviewed by CBC

The CBC video is up, and we had no clue that James Cameron and Jon Landau were also making brief appearances! For those wondering, Kevin Schortt, Avatar: The Game’s script writer was the person interviewed at Ubisoft.

CBC Newsworld and The CBC are Canada’s national news stations. Be sure to check out the full video.

By the way, the MTBS video in the background…shown on Canadian national TV…was made by our own YuriyTheBest!

It would seem it’s been a good day for everyone! We would also like to congratulate MarketSaw on scoring a podcast interview with James Cameron. Jim Dorey has been blogging about Avatar for years now, and it’s good to see that his hard work paid off. Congratulations, Jim!

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