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S-3D Gaming in Vision Magazine, NVIDIA S-3D Driver News

By November 25, 2009April 4th, 2020News

Finally! Stereoscopic 3D gaming is getting the attention it deserves!

The Consumer Electronics Association, producers of the required attendance Consumer Electronics Show, did a full spread on stereoscopic 3D gaming in their current issue of Vision Magazine! A full spread!

Entitled “Video Games Pave the Way For 3D Homes”, this comprehensive article features NVIDIA, James Cameron, Panasonic, Craig Perry (Final Destination in 3D), Disney, The S-3D Gaming Alliance, and more! Well worth reading!

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Speaking of S-3D gaming, for those waiting for the next driver for NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision, it should be out shortly. Not now, but SHORTLY! We got a preview driver, but there were some bugs to work out still.

According to NVIDIA:

Avatar is now being programmed directly to our 3D Vision driver, which gives the developer complete control over how to render their game in 3D. This results in numerous benefits:

1. Out of screen effects.
2. Water reflections rendered with depth.
3. Explosions, leaves falling, all rendered in 3D.
4. Crosshair rendered at object depth.
5. Full control over 3D convergence, based upon screen size and user distance.

Looking forward to it!

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