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Sony PS3 at CES 2010: The Full Equation

By November 20, 2009April 4th, 2020News

By now, everyone has read Sony’s latest announcement that they are planning stereoscopic 3D PlayStation 3 support via firmware update. They have also announced their own line of Bravia 3D HDTVs in the new year. MTBS considers this to be fact, not rumour. Perhaps CES 2010 will be very timely for further announcements?

We all know that the 3D formats the way they are now are a mess! The big question is this: will Sony be compatible with all these standards, or will some be dropped in favour of new ones? It would be a very decisive and bold move – we will see!

If some formats are dropped, that means that some people who have bought 3D HDTV’s won’t have PS3 content to play with. It might even impact 3D HDTVs on the 2010 CES show floor. Whatever the case, we expect that Sony is definitely going to set the gauntlet down and put S-3D console gaming on the forefront…finally.

For us, the bigger issue is going to be the fallout and the ramifications of all this. Will XBOX follow suit? Will console S-3D gaming be proprietary, or will the industry, including Sony, work with S3DGA to diversify support? What choices will game developers have when it comes to supporting available S-3D solutions? Who will ultimately determine the S-3D gaming standards and quality expectations? Most important of all, will customers be happy?

Mark your calendars for CES 2010 because things are just getting started. Share your thoughts and predictions in our discussion forums.

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