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HDI 3D Laser TV Specs Revealed!

By November 16, 2009April 4th, 2020News

“3D gaming will rank very high for home use.” – Ingemar Jannson, CEO HDI Ltd.

Over the past few weeks, HDI Ltd. has made a splash with their new HDI 3D Laser TV technology. It has been called the “holy grail of 3D”, and Steve Wozniak of Apple fame has declared it the best S-3D solution he has ever seen. MTBS has been in touch with HDI, and we have additional updates and materials to share.

HDI 3D TV Power Consumption Table

Here are some key points we have learned:

1. HDI Ltd. has NO PLANS to exhibit at CES this year. While we have been told their plans can change, it is not an expectation.
2. HDI’s solution offers 180 degree viewing, something that polarized solutions are criticized as not being able to achieve.
3. It is true that manufacturing has started on key components including lasers and Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCOS).
4. The first products released will be 100″ 2D/3D home theater televisions.

MTBS has also been given an exclusive on internal and unpublicized support documents including anticipated specifications and more. Check them out (Spec I, Spec II, Spec III), and share your thoughts in our discussion forums.

In case you missed it, last week Frank Vitz of Electronic Arts announced work on a stereoscopic 3D video game, and Paramount Digital Entertainment made arrangements to optimize Star Trek D-A-C on multiple S-3D solutions including NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision, DDD, and iZ3D. Looks like the S-3D markets are indeed heating up!

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