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iZ3D Glasses Update, Thanking NVIDIA

By October 29, 2009April 4th, 2020News

The iZ3D team has confirmed that their new glasses are in the USA and should be en-route to their offices shortly. An earlier mishap in manufacturing created a delay, but that is all fixed now.

For those unfamiliar, the iZ3D 22″ monitor is a dual panel S-3D gaming solution. Unfortunately, the included polarized glasses leave a color and cross-talk imbalance between the left and right views. To overcome these challenges, iZ3D has developed a special type of polarized lens designed specifically for their monitors.

iZ3D’s Original Glasses

iZ3D’s New Glasses

You can sample the difference between the old and new specs with pictures taken by our S-3D camera! We will let you know as soon as a ship date is confirmed. Shouldn’t be long now!

We would also like to thank NVIDIA for sending over a slew of games for testing and review. We are in the process of upgrading our systems to Windows 7, and will get cracking ASAP.

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