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Get Fuji S-3D Camera Working on ALL Solutions!

By October 19, 2009April 4th, 2020News

For those unfamiliar, the Finpix Real 3D W1 is the first modern point and shoot S-3D camera for consumers, and DDD and NVIDIA have already implemented player support for its proprietary .MPO format.

Vancouver Aquarium Diver Caught in the Act (of cleaning) in S-3D!

While additional solutions are looking at adding .MPO recognition, each file can be nearly ten megabytes in size, and they are not the most convenient for sharing amongst S-3D gamers. Finally, while it isn’t the camera’s fault, pictures can have misalignment problems, so instant MPO viewing in its raw form may not be the best final result.

MTBS wants to avoid any barriers or issues that prevent shutter bugs from enjoying this camera, and we have written a brief guide on how to view and enjoy Finepix S-3D pictures on all solutions! Check the guide out and share your thoughts in our discussion forums.

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