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Avatar: The Game Story Revealed!

By October 1, 2009April 4th, 2020News

Ubisoft was kind enough to give us a heads up on the storyline behind Avatar!

Avatar: The Game

Written by Kevin Schortt, Avatar’s game script is not a fixed path, and is completely different from the Avatar Movie. Taking place two years before the Avatar movie, the setting is on the other half of the Pandora moon.

You play a character named Able Ryder, a signals specialist brought from Earth to help the RDA track down a sacred site on Pandora. When found, this sacred site can take control of the planet away from the Na’vi inhabitants. Why is this necessary? Mining! The Pandora moon has resources that Earth desperately needs.

Kevin Schortt, Avatar: The Game Script Writer

Mind you, what if the needs of the Na’vi out-weight the needs of Earth? Will you destroy their way of life to sustain your own, or will you protect it? There is no right answer, and the mission’s path is up to the gamer.

Ubisoft purposely didn’t want the Avatar game to duplicate the movie, though it is hoped that it will demonstrate the beautiful world Avatar takes place in, and give a deeper back story to the RDA and Na’vi conflict.

Some of the game characters that share movie credits include:

• Grace Augustine (Sigourney Weaver)
• Trudy Chacon (Michele Rodriguez)
• Commander Quaritch (Steven Lang)

View more screen shots of Avatar: The Game in our gallery! Sorry, nothing to show in stereoscopic 3D yet.

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