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Pocket-Lint, Katzenberg, 3D Entertainment Summit Day 2

By September 24, 2009April 4th, 2020News has been running a special week of coverage for stereoscopic 3D technology, and we are very pleased to report that they ran a special story on MTBS and the S-3D Gaming Alliance today. We are very flattered, and look forward to their continued coverage.

There is one correction that needs to be put forward. Pocket-lint ran a separate article labeled “Is Stereoscopic 3D Gaming Ready?”, and they talk about the aspects of gaming that make it a perfect fit for S-3D technology. All in all, a very positive and well thought out article. Unfortunately, they end the piece by saying “if you’re dead set on gaming in 3D, then NVidia’s kit is really your only option.”

This is completely incorrect. S-3D Gaming is by far one of the most diverse industries we have, and active players include Hyundai, iZ3D, DDD, Mitsubishi, Samsung, Sony, and more. NVIDIA is a respected industry member, and they have earned their place no doubt. However, this is by no means a one product industry. That said…

“3D in the home will be driven by sports and gaming” – Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO of Dreamworks Animation

Neil Schneider’s S3DGA Presentation

Indeed! Check out today’s editorial to learn about day two of the 3D Entertainment Summit and the first S-3D Gaming Alliance meeting!

EDIT: Pocket-lint updated their story with the following:

“Another company, DDD, has got in touch to let us know that they too offer a stereoscopic 3D driver for games, and a set of shutter glasses – much like NVidia’s. We’re trying to find out where they’re available in the UK. Another option is iZ3D’s 22-inch monitor, though again that appears to have very limited availability in Britain.”

It’s a start! The system works! :=)

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