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Fallout 3 News, Bill Wallace Debut

By September 5, 2009April 4th, 2020News

Earlier this week, we released our review of Bethesda Softworks’ Fallout 3. Out of all the reviews we have done on MTBS, the positive media response for this has been unprecedented.

Fallout 3 Stereoscopic 3D Review

First, the official Fallout 3 Twitter and Facebook pages acknowledged the review. Most recently, the Planet Fallout section of Gamespy featured it as well! Amazing!

We have received positive word from iZ3D that their next driver release will correct some of the core concerns in the review, and Aaron Rapp, VP of Marketing for iZ3D has already shared these useful workarounds to make it a much better S-3D gaming experience:

We took a look at the review of the iZ3D drivers with Fallout 3 and we came up with some fixes.

1. Pip-Boy Screen separating at high levels

– We used “Preset Buttons” to fix this issue. I’ll tell you how: By default, your second preset is “NumPad 8”. So, hit that button and bring up the Pip Boy screen. Set the separation and convergence at the proper levels for it to look good. Then…go into the Fallout 3 keyboard settings and change the Pip Boy screen hotkey to “Numpad 8”. That way, when you hit that key to bring up the Pip Boy, it will also automatically change the 3D settings to what you set it to earlier.

2. VATS system causes inconsistent separation

– The solution to this one is exactly like the Pip Boy, with two exceptions. You’ll want to use your third preset, which is “NumPad 9”, and the second is we recommend using a lower separation. Because you’re always a different distance away from your VATS target, the settings will always be different…but with a lower separation for just the VATS, you should have no problems when zooming in.

3. Lights and light sources get disconnected from each other when you try to achieve out of screen effects.

– This issue took us a bit longer to nail down, but we did find what was causing the problem. Because it only happens on some systems and not others, we’re going to include the fix in our next 1.10RC2 driver release, which will be coming very soon.

We’re working with Neil on the screenshot issue. We cannot duplicate it so we’ll continue to work with Neil and see if there is any pattern there.

Last but not least, MTBS has also taken on a new writer. Bill Wallace is a long standing member at MTBS, and his debut article is his personal SIGGRAPH experience. Billl is doing his PAX rounds, and he is hoping to have some stereoscopic 3D video footage to share. Very exciting!

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