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iZ3D Promotion, TechKnow Magazine

By August 31, 2009April 4th, 2020News

Congratulations are in order!

2D/3D iZ3D Logo Conversion with Photoforms

Aaron Rapp has accepted the position of VP of Marketing for iZ3D. Aaron has been working with the company longer than I’ve known them, and they are in good hands. A passionate gamer at heart, I’m sure they will be coming up with some innovative marketing plans for iZ3D products and their consumer base. Good luck, Aaron!

Aaron will also be making an appearance at the upcoming S3DGA meeting. Everyone is excited about this because no other organization has earned the participation and endorsement of actual game developers including the likes of Electronic Arts and Blitz Games Studios.

We have also just learned that Meant to be Seen was featured in a brand new publication called TechKnow magazine. They ran a special feature on stereoscopic 3D technologies in their current issue. Check out the free PDF and see what you think. In addition to MTBS, James Stewart from Geneva Film Company, who is very much a seasoned speaker, shared his thoughts on S-3D in the home as well. Very interesting!

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