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By August 24, 2009April 4th, 2020News

This is the first video from Neil Schneider’s presentation at SIGGRAPH 2009 which lead up to the announcement of the S-3D Gaming Alliance. Yes, this was a stereoscopic 3D presentation on a 40+ foot RealD projector.

The second video along with HD versions can be accessed on the S3DGA website.

Special thanks go to Yuriy Nikshych, Syd Bolton, Cris Villalobos, and Instant Effects S3D Presenter for making these PowerPoints possible. The second video also features panel discussions with Peter Lude, Senior Vice President of Engineering for Sony, and Joshua Greer, President and Co-Founder of RealD.

We will be getting videos of their presentation contributions together as well. We had to edit things down to a gaming focus to fit in the 20 minute limitations we have on video length and to also be appropriate for the S3DGA website.

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