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S-3D YouTube is HERE!

By July 16, 2009April 4th, 2020News

Bit of a surprise story for everyone!

YouTube has an undocumented feature that adds a stereoscopic 3D menu option for viewing different S-3D formats. You can sample this firsthand by trying one of YuriyTheBest’s videos. Viewers are given the freedom to choose a range of side by side and anaglyph options to match their S-3D hardware.

NOTE: You will not see the stereoscopic 3D applet in the above video – you must go to the actual YouTube source page.

If you are posting a video to YouTube, Yuriy created a small guide to follow. The most important things to remember are to upload your video in side by side format, and enter “yt3d:enable=true” as the last tag in the “TAGS” field. Yuriy discovered some bugs with the system shared in his guide.

The ramifications of this are huge because if enough cameras and monitors can get in the hands of consumers, we now have an easy to use distribution system for S-3D movies.

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