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NAW at Dimension-3 Expo, Brand New Instructional Video!

By June 15, 2009April 4th, 2020News

Two videos to share today!

First, MTBS couldn’t let the hard work that has gone into MTBS Nations at War (NAW) go unnoticed. During our presentation at Dimension-3 Expo, we made a point to wow the audience with WheatstoneHolmes’ promotional NAW video, and we also profiled some of our leading members.

Second, earning a reputation for continually improving on his own work, WheatstoneHolmes has released a second video that explains how MTBS Nations at War is played. As usual, we think you will be very impressed with his latest work.

We’d like to get the game started! Please forward these videos to your friends, post them in MMOG discussion forums – get the word out! The NAW team has put countless hours into this game, and it’s time to play and win prizes! Blitz Games Studios is contributing a series of console games, Peter Wimmer is giving away two private S-3D movie player licenses, and Awater3D is giving away a silver screen and a set of passive projector filters!

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