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MTBS at Dimension-3 Expo, Stirring the Pot?

By June 7, 2009April 4th, 2020News

We are heading home from Paris today, and we will have more videos to share. In the meantime, a high point from the Dimension-3 Expo was getting to meet several MTBS members for the first time.

From left to right: 3dingames, Cirk2, Neil (Schneider), Phil, and BlackShark.

While it wasn’t intentional, each member demonstrated the best that MTBS has to offer. 3dingames ran a special S-3D gaming event in Portugal, Cirk2 came special from Germany to offer to meet the community, Phil is an experienced game developer who has worked with Blitz Games Studios and Ubisoft, and BlackShark is a beta tester and proud S-3D advocate.

Thank you all for coming down to Dimension-3 Expo, and we hope to get together again sooner than later.

Turns out that MTBS inadvertently stirred the pot a little at Dimension-3 this year. Check out our latest editorial titled “You Have to Find the Cracks Before You Can Fill Them”.

Remember to register for MTBS Nations at War! As you advance in the game, you can win prizes! Blitz Games Studios is contributing a series of console games, Peter Wimmer is giving away two private S-3D movie player licenses, and Awater3D is giving away a silver screen and a set of passive projector filters! Very cool!

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