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More Spielberg, FineCut Magazine, New S-3D Series

By May 28, 2009April 4th, 2020News

“I have a lot of dreams, but in the short term I would love to start seeing 3D games being developed, where – with a good pair of glasses – we get a real three-dimensional experience in front of an appropriate monitor that is designed just for 3D…I would love to see 3D start to kick in to the thinking of the powers that be.” – Steven Spielberg

Some positive news all around. Andrew Oliver, CTO of Blitz Games Studios brought this article to our attention, and it features some wise words from Steven Spielberg, some S-3D news from Sony, and a solid nod for Blitz’s game, Invincible Tiger.

Meant to be Seen among others was featured in the film publication FineCut Magazine. While the article was nearly entirely focused on S-3D film, we think you will find it informative.

We have also learned that Chinese Producer Wu Qiuyun is completing what is believed to be the first television series filmed in 3D. According to the Beijing News, Wu said the series is based on the legendary tale Wu Cheng-en and the Journey to the West. A theatrical movie is also in the works. The series is expected to include 45 episodes (45 minutes each). However, the S-3D portion only accounts for 10 minutes of each episode.

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