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Sharky Interviewed, NAW News, Crysis Warhead Review

By May 20, 2009April 4th, 2020News

Did you know that Igor Masin (Sharky) is famous?

Prior to going to FMX/09, we came to the realization that meeting Sharky for the first time wasn’t so far fetched. With a few email exchanges and some creative travel booking, we managed to meet each other in Munich, Germany!

See MTBS’ exclusive interview with Igor Masin, creator of MTBS’ Nations at War! If you want to see the HD version, you can get it in our downloads section.

Sharky is also getting ready to release a new version of MTBS Nations at War, and he needs your help in putting together a promotional video. Learn more in our discussion forums.

On the gaming front, MTBS was long overdue for a review, and you can read our results for Crysis Warhead
for both the iZ3D and NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision solutions. Share your own findings in our forums! Maybe your results are different?

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