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Sensio at FMX/09, MTBS Technology Demo

By May 6, 2009April 4th, 2020News

MTBS is pleased to report that FMX/09 is going very well!

Just the other day, we were present at a well attended presentation by Nicholas Rauthier, CEO of Sensio. What is becoming clearer and clearer is a lot of the technical problems associated with stereoscopic 3D sporting events has to do with planning. For example, according to Nicholas, one of the leading causes of S-3D problems with live broadcasts are cameras with reversed cabling or inverted left/right images. Surprisingly forgivable to the untrained eye, it will prove detrimental to the industry as consumers grow more and more aware of what correct 3D should look like.

For our European members, MTBS will be presenting at FMX/09 this coming Friday alongside Blitz Games Studios. We will also be holding a technology demonstration throughout the day which features NVIDIA and iZ3D display solutions. While the drivers are not yet optimized with the updated software algorithm, we are also bringing a pair of the experimental iZ3D glasses to try, and Bltz Games Studios will also be demonstrating console S-3D gaming. We hope to see you there!

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