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Sony Sets the Record Straight at NABSHOW 2009!

By April 29, 2009April 4th, 2020News

“It’s (3D) coming! And I think it’s coming very quickly.” – Gary Mandle, Senior Product Manager, Sony Electronics Inc.

While Sony’s exhibits have been earning a lot of foot traffic thanks to their impressive stereoscopic 3D displays, they have been very tight lipped about how their technology works. The mix of RealD polarized glasses combined with nearly flawless S-3D images has left industry experts debating just how their technology works.

Feeding the frenzy were Sony staff who would only say the classic line “This is a technology demo. We are only doing this to see what people think. We are not able to discuss how this technology works at this time.”

Looks like things have changed! We are very pleased to share our NABSHOW 2009 interview with Sony about their 3D displays and their 3D outlook.

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